Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Crew. And how awesome they are.

I recognise now that in my zeal to get out a race report, I did not take enough opportunity to discuss just how excellent my crew was, and just how impossible it would have been to do what I did without them. In the report they were mostly reduced to food/water delivery machines who occasionally did something of note, but really they're much more than that.

The crew works ceaselessly and thanklessly to make sure that all the rider has to do is turn the pedals.  They cater to every need (e.g. I want a f'ing cookie!, Can you make me half-water/half-Coke bottle?) without complaint, even when I'm being a whingey prat.  They recorded everything I ate and drank for later analysis, looked after me, encouraged me, and made me feel loved all the way around.

I wish I had a photograph of everyone to post here (maybe a later update to Pukeko-land), but the nature of the race was such that Lisha and Dave drove down, arriving after I started, and then left for other engagements before I finished!

So all I can really do is thank the crew, Susie, Heather, Lisha, Dave, and of course my lovely wife and crew chief Susan who make it all possible.

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